What if you do teleworking from a rural house or tourist home?

COVID-19 has encouraged the people of Madrid to go on vacation close to home in a rural tourism establishment or in the famous rural houses, as a relaxation alternative to escape in the Madrid mountains.

Confinement has left a great mark on all of us and today new mobility limitations, however, new options have emerged so as not to have to put aside a getaway to fun, while remaining responsible in the face of this pandemic.

Taking a walk in the countryside, breathing fresh air, horseback riding, trekking outings, hiking or cooling off from the heat in a pool that houses this type of accommodation, has made them a very appealing alternative in the midst of the pandemic or For this summer.

At LivingMad we want to please you and MAKE YOU FEEL AT HOME, wherever you go. That is why we would like you to have a change of scenery, to lower the pace of stress and enjoy relaxing moments with your family, with the sole objective that you can enjoy your work, your home and your life in general even more.

We need to know your opinion in order to satisfy all your needs, looking for more and more friendly spaces.

  • Tell us through a simple survey that we attach below, what your preferences are, in order to offer you what best suits your tastes
  • We are looking forward to telling you the next news.

Madrid has something for everyone, so if you would like to know more about what we are offering in the next few days, help us by completing the survey and you will see what we are preparing for you.

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