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The access and use of this website is governed by the “Terms and Conditions” described below, as well as by the legislation that applies in Spain. Consequently, all visits to this site and all contracts and transactions made on this site, as well as their legal effects, will be governed by these rules and subject to this legislation.

The Terms and Conditions contained in this instrument will be applied and it will be understood that they are part of all the acts and contracts that are executed or celebrated through the offer and commercialization systems included in this website between the users of this LivingMad site, which is will hereinafter also be referred to indistinctly as “the company”, or “the offering company”, “the supplier” or “the supplier company”, as appropriate to the meaning of the text.

It is a requirement to carry out a transaction in the LivingMad virtual gateway, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described below. Any person who makes a transaction on the LivingMad virtual gateway or through a LivingMad bank transaction, declares and acknowledges, by making the purchase, that they know and accept each and every one of the Terms and Conditions described below.

Below we detail the Terms and Conditions:

User Registration and Protection of Personal Data  

Acceptance of these conditions and registration by the user by filling out an online form will be a necessary requirement for the acquisition of products and services offered through the Payment Gateway. These Terms and Conditions will be understood to be known and accepted by the fact of their express acceptance through their expression of will by clicking on the respective box.

EThe registration of each user will be verified by completing and subscribing to the form that is published in the Virtual Store and through its subsequent sending, which is done automatically by “clicking” on the respective element. The form will require the following data from the user: full name, identity document, payment concept and amount to pay. Means of Payment (national and international)

  1. Online payments: :be paid using credit and/or debit cards. The cards that this site allows are the following: Credit and/or Debit Cards VISA and MasterCard. The use of the previously mentioned cards will be subject to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and in relation to their issuer, and what is agreed in the respective Opening Contracts and Use Regulations. In case of contradiction, what is expressed in the latter will prevail. instrument. Payment with a debit bank card is subject to the terms and conditions established by the issuing bank of said card. In the case of the bank cards accepted on this site, the aspects related to them, such as the date of issue, expiration, quota, blockages, secret code, etc., will be governed by the respective Opening Contract and Regulation of Use. 
  1. Payments by bank transfer: Payment can be made through a bank transfer to the following account number:

Bank: Bankia

Owner: Ca Deco & Living SL

IBAN: ES49 2038 1848 3160 0053 5745

Concept: Name + NIF/NIE/Passport

The lessee will be responsible for the postage, taxes and others that accrue from the payment through bank transfer. Other company information:


Trade Name: LivingMad

Fiscal Address: C/Moralzarzal 80 1¬ļB, 28034, Madrid, Spain

CIF: B85110435

Booking conditions and contractual obligations

o¬†¬†¬† Before formalizing the reservation, the client must send the necessary documentation to send the accommodation contract. It is the customer’s responsibility to read the contract before making any payment. ¬†¬†

o    At the time of booking, the student must pay the agency fee + the deposit, by means of an electronic transfer, or by depositing it in the Servihousing account. As long as the student does not make this payment, the reservation will not be confirmed and the apartment/room may be taken by someone else.  

o    The cancellation policy is STRICT. The reservation deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if it is canceled less than 90 days in advance. The payment of the agency commission will not be returned in any case.

o    Payments will be made between the 28th day of the previous month and the 3rd day of the current month, with a penalty of three times the daily rent.  

o    The student must provide a photocopy of the passport or NIE, visa, letter of acceptance from the study center and address in their country of residence before their arrival.  

o    If you are a worker, you must present your NIE or DNI, passport, letter from the company, the last 3 pay slips and address in your country of residence, also before your arrival.  

o    In general, the cost of supplies will not be included in the price or monthly payment. Check the conditions on which the contract is signed.  

o    Smoking is not allowed in the common areas of the house.   

o    Clients must respect the rules of coexistence of the community, taking into account the study and night hours.

o    All contracts are seasonal / short stay and mandatory. If you want to continue in the apartment after the contract ends, you must notify LivingMad at least 45 days in advance, otherwise both parties will take it for granted that LivingMad will be able to market the apartment/room in question for the following period.

o    LivingMad is not responsible for any type of theft in the home.


o    The deposit will be returned after the termination of the contract, with prior review of common areas and its private area, in a period of up to 30 days.

o    The money from the deposit will be withdrawn if there are damages caused by the improper use of the objects and the house, to which all the tenants of the apartment will respond.

o    The deposit will not be returned if any of the rules of coexistence agreed in the contract are not complied with.

o    Nor will it be returned in case the client does not comply with his payment obligations or fails to comply with the dates agreed in his contract.


o    We work with a provision of supplies so that your bills do not accumulate, it is much healthier and more orderly for your finances and ours.

o    You will make this payment every month together with your rent, at the end of your stay a calculation will be made between what is actually consumed vs. provisioned it. If your consumption is greater than your provision, this balance will be deducted from the deposit, if this is not the case, the corresponding balance will be returned to you together with the deposit.