Start saving on supplies costs with these tips

One of the expenses that you should take into account when renting a flat or room are supplies. Depending on the type of contract you have, you could pay a fixed payment or the exact value of the invoices. In any case, these expenses are important to keep in mind because they can raise your budget on certain occasions, so, if you have seen that in recent months the cost of electricity or gas has increased, take a look at these tips to save some eurillos.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is normal for these bills to increase in the summer or winter months. Undoubtedly, the use of heating or air conditioning, cause the expense to rise and it is inevitable not to use these equipments in those times. Anyway we have a post dedicated to saving on heating that can be useful for you.

If taking this into account, you still consider that your bills have increased for no apparent reason or you want to be more responsible with consumption, we leave you these 5 tips:

  1. When washing, try not to wash a couple of clothes alone, try to collect a considerable amount of clothes so that you do not abuse the use of the washing machine. It is recommended to avoid washing cycles with hot water over 40 ¬į, since the moment the water heats up is the when the most energy is consumed.
  2. In the kitchen, when you use the oven, avoid opening the door, do it only when necessary and try to prepare the main course and the garnishes in one go. And when you use the stove, you can try turning off the burners about 5 minutes earlier and finish cooking with the residual heat.
  3. Did you know that for each degree of temperature you lower in your fridge, you increase energy consumption by up to 5%? If your refrigerator has the option of setting the temperature, we recommend that you keep it at a minimum of 3¬įC and the freezer at a minimum -18¬ļC.
  4. Disconnect the devices that you are not using, even if they are in stand by mode, this will help you save 10% of the total electricity consumption. In addition, if there is a general loss, you will avoid possible damage.
  5. In summer, turn off the air conditioning an hour before leaving home and in winter, the same with heating. Avoid abruptly lowering or raising ambient temperatures.

With small changes in your routine, you will see how your consumption will moderate and your bills will come with lesser amounts.

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