Preventive Measures due to Coronavirus COVID-19

The past few days have been difficult, we know that. In addition to the global spread of the virus, we are experiencing unexpected changes around the world, such as the way we work, study and even socialize. But we are also seeing many solidarity actions, which inspire us and make us feel that despite the distancing, we are all in this together and better days will come soon. For now, let’s take these days responsibly and follow some recommendations to protect ourselves from the new Coronavirus.


What can we do to protect ourselves from the new coronavirus?

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Handwashing should be at least 20 seconds. Try to make it a little fun, you can sing your favorite’s song lyrics while you do it.

  • Take out the trash daily, let’s avoid concentrating waste in the apartment to keep it as clean as possible.
  • Wash the dishes immediately after use, do not accumulate them.
  • Regularly clean the bathrooms with bleach and disinfect the doorknobs with alcohol.
  • Also disinfect your electronic equipment: mobile, computer, tablet, etc. Wipe them with a disposable wipe with alcohol at least a few times a day.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially if you are on out of home.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed or with a disposable tissue that you should throw away after use.
  • Stay home, avoid social activity for a few days, this will reduce the chances of contagion
  • The healthy general population does not need to wear face masks.


What to do if you have symptoms?


These are the symptoms of the new Coronavirus, if you have any of the symptoms, stay home and call the assigned Health Service line immediately. If you are in Madrid, the phone you should call is: 900102112. If you are in another community, click here to see the assigned number.


Last and not least, remember that for your own others well-being, #StayAtHome, you should only leave for essential matters such as going to the supermarket or the pharmacy. And if you have symptoms, it is best to call the indicated number and isolate. Remember that 80% of cases have symptoms or mild and that there are asymptomatic cases, so it is also in our hands to avoid spreading the virus.


Looking for more information? These links may be of interest:

  • Here you can find useful information to know more about COVID 19 and prevention measures.
  • And specifically here you can find information on what to do if you have any of the symptoms or have been in any of the infected areas.

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