Our top 5 gastronomic markets in Madrid

Madrid is a city to enjoy, not only for beautiful architecture and cultural movement, but also because you can find food from Spain and the world, and a concept that we love is that of the Gastronomic Markets.

These spaces that often merge stalls in a traditional market with spaces to “tapear” or dine with friends come to us quite well if what we want is to try a little of everything, or simply if we have very undecided friends.

Surely you are familiar with Mercado de San Miguel, which is the most tourist and a must if you are in Madrid, but there are other gastronomic markets in Madrid and here the list of our top 5:

San Ildefonso Market: Located on the always busy Fuencarral street, in the heart of the Malasa√Īa neighborhood, very close to the Tribunal station, this 3-storey market has everything a bit. You will find Vietnamese, Spanish, Venezuelan, Peruvian food stalls, meat (Iberian pork pen, highly recommended), vegetarian burgers, crepes and more; in addition to a bar on each floor, 18 food stalls and 2 interior terraces. Ideal to have a drink and “tapeo” with friends.

San Ant√≥n Market: Located in Chueca, this market has 3 zones. On the ground floor you will find meat, fruit and vegetable stalls, and dining options such as Hamburguesa Nostra, on the first floor you will find the tapas and eating stalls (Mamma Framboise desserts, Kagura ramen, potato tortillas, cod, natural juices, bravas potatoes, tapas). And if you have a more special event and you don’t feel like fighting for a table or eating standing, you can opt for the San Anton Terrace, the restaurant / market terrace (we recommend you book)

Vallehermoso Market: A market that merges traditional market stalls (fishmongers, delicatessens, butchers, greengrocers, etc.) and food and beverage stalls. You can find a bar of Cerveza La Virgen, and other craft beer bars. To eat there is a bit of everything (Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Argentine, Spanish, Peruvian, desserts), but above all we recommend 2 places: Thai food in Kitchen 154 (pork ribs are the best we have tried ) and the Peruvian food stand Tripea (with a tasting menu of ‚ā¨ 35, there is no other option). You will have to make a reservation in both cases.

Mostenses Market: Located in the heart of Madrid, a few steps from Plaza de Espa√Īa. Located in the heart of Madrid, from outside you might not see its whole potential, but when you enter you will see many stalls of a food market with all its letters. On the way up you will find Asian food stalls, Latin American dishes, pasta and artisanal pizzas; In addition to natural juices with a variety of fruits. What you should keep in mind is that although it is a cheaper option, it is neighborhood market, so you will not find any luxury (but you will eat like a king because the portions are more than generous)

San Fernando Market: And if we talk about neighborhood markets, we can’t leave San Fernando behind. It is another option that mixes a food market with tapas bar stands. Located in Lavapi√©s, this market has economic options and is an ideal alternative if you want to go out and eat something. In addition, you will not only find Spanish products, but also from other parts of the world.

Bonus Track:
Platea: Located in Salamanca district, in front of Plaza de Col√≥n, we added here because is a different, elegant and beautiful option to go with friends, a date or take someone who has come to visit. It has 3 zones, each located in a different floor. We start on the ground floor that is where you will enter, they call it El Patio, here you will find Spanish products (both from the garden and from hams and wines). To eat you have tapas and snack options; In addition to wines, beers and cocktails. The weekends are full, but it is a youthful atmosphere, so you won’t mind standing up.

In the basement is El Foso, a gastronomic market, does it differ from those already mentioned ? yes, here you can sit quietly and a waiter will approach with a menu that includes the dishes of all the stalls, so you do not have to stand up for nothing (maybe just to keep an eye on the desserts, the coulant is a delight, the tiramisu looks and taste more like a cake

On the second floor you will find the restaurant ‚ÄúCanalla Bistro‚ÄĚ (which by the way has a Michelin Star), here you have to book to secure a place.)

On all weekends, there are DJs playing music, live music and on Fridays (at least on Fridays I have gone) an aerial silk show (a show that personally is my favorite)

Pictures: Obtained from the official gastronomic markets websites.

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