How to avoid scams when looking for a flat in Madrid?

At LivingMad, we have been working for many years with students and young professionals who come to Madrid, often without knowing the city. Being in contact with so many people looking for a flat, you can’t imagine the number of stories they tell us about scams and possible scams of which they have been part‚Ķ as a recommendation we always tell you certain tips that we want to share here.

The important thing is that they take this process calmly and evaluate all the options well, scammers know when a person is vulnerable and they usually take advantage of that.

Be careful with:

  1. Apartments that are too good in terms of cost/location: If you have already decided on a specific area, the ideal is to look at the average price of rooms or flats. If they spot one too cheap, it’s most likely a scam. It is very difficult to get a bargain, especially in neighborhoods like Salamanca or Chamber√≠. We would all like to get a renovated and furnished apartment in the Salamanca district for ‚ā¨600 without an agency (spoiler alert: that is impossible).
  2. Hurry to close the rental: It is common to find some supposed owner who presses saying that he has other people interested. Although it is true that in high season, the apartments are rented in a matter of hours, do not let them take advantage of the situation of ignorance to force you to make a payment without being sure that it is a serious owner or agency.
  3. Payments without trace: It is very common in this type of scam, that they ask to make payments through intermediaries such as Western Union or MoneyGram, where it is very difficult to keep track of who the money will reach. Always try to rent through specialized platforms or agencies that allow payment through online payment gateways or bank transfers.
  4. Look for references: Always try to look for opinions or references on the internet of the owner or agency that will rent the apartment. If you notice something strange, google it, since the most typical scams are always reported in forums. Also inquire with friends who have gone through the same process.

At LivingMad, we want our potential tenants to feel safe. We have been working for more than 5 years and more than 500 students and young professionals have passed through our flats, so if any of you have plans to come to Madrid, we are here to help you find a flat for your next adventure in this city, write to us at or contact us through LinkedIn and we will provide you with options that suit your needs.

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