A few tips to keep your apartment COVID-free… or at least try to!


The new normal brings with it an extreme care in cleaning and disinfection of your home and new habits that we must gradually adapt to our daily routine. In this post, we bring you some tips that we hope can be useful so that your apartment is always kept clean and, as far as possible, COVID free.

  1. Set aside a small space at the entrance of your apartment with all the basic cleaning elements: hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, masks (so you don’t forget it when you leave home!). In this space, you could even place an air freshener with sticks (like Mikado) … this will make the apartment smell good from the entrance.
  2. Spray alcohol – it is a product that we have tested and it is very good, you can get it at Mercadona. It is a 70% alcohol spray approved by Sanidad (Bosque Verde brand), perfect for cleaning surfaces or your everyday items such as your mobile, glasses, shoes, etc. There’s even a pocket version that you can always carry with you. Warning! this product is not suitable for use directly on the hands, as it can cause irritation.
  3. Get a disinfectant mat for the entrance, this is ideal for you to disinfect your shoes before entering the apartment. This mat is divided into two, one to which you can put disinfectant and another dry part. This will ensure that you enter the house with clean shoes. Los venden en amazon. You can also start putting your shoes at the entrance and use some shoes to be indoors.
  4. Cleaning your room is very important. Try to leave the windows open while you are away so that it can ventilate, wash your sheets every week or at most every 15 days with hot water, between 40¬ļ and 60¬ļ to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
  5. And finally‚Ķ don’t forget to change your mask! If you use a disposable one or wash it frequently, if you use a cloth one.

We know that the virus is in the street and it is difficult to avoid it … but we hope that with these few tips you can prevent and reduce the possibility of contagion.

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