5 Apps that will make your life in Madrid easier

  1. Public Transport Apps

There are a lot of options in this category, but we recommend you: Madrid Transporte. In this one you will have all public transport information together (metro, Renfe and buses, urbanos and interurbanos). It shows you in real time when is the next metro coming and you can also sinc your Abono Card, so it will notify you when it’s next to expire.


  1. Splitwise

Perfect when you have a lot of common expenses with your roomies and don’t want to do the math. This app do it for you. You can have groups and every member can add their expenses. Then the app slipts them to make it easy for you and you can have a record of your expenses. It is very useful for roomies and trips with friends.


  1. Bizum

Still haven’t download this one? Do it now! You wil be able to make wise transfers to your smartphone contacts. Just sync your phone number with your bank account. It works with most of the banks in Spain. It’s very easy and faster than doing it with your bank app.


  1. Time out

If you love going out and are always looking for plans every weekend, Time Out

is the app for you. Whether you are looking for a party or a restaurant or museums… this app will help you to set your weekend plans


  1. Meet Up

If your are looking for meeting new people, Meet Up is perfect for you. You can join groups of people with the same interests like yours. Join them and go to the theater or meet some people to do Yoga, travel… there are a thousand options.


BONUS: Aroundme, an ideal app in times of need. Aroundme shows you the closest pharmacies, supermarkets, concerts, parkings… and everything you can imagine It is the perfect app if you are new in town.

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